Discover Peace of Mind with OneStop Shop - Trusted Home Inspection Services in Ontario Discover Peace of Mind with OneStop Shop - Trusted Home Inspection Services in Ontario

Discover Peace of Mind with Trusted Home Inspection Services in Ontario

Ready to make informed decisions about your home?

Contact us today for expert home inspections in Ontario, including Home, septic, WETT, well or Cistern, mould, and asbestos assessments. Our detailed reports provide crucial insights into your property's condition, whether buying or selling a house. We help you identify necessary repairs and replacements with our thorough inspections. Reach out today.


Our Services

OneStop Shop offers Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection

Discover the actual condition of your property with our meticulous home inspection service in Ontario.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your property's condition.
  • Detailed reports for informed buying or selling decisions.
  • Uncover potential issues, ensuring a safe and secure home.
  • Expertise in assessing all systems and structural elements.
  • Trustworthy guidance tailored to your specific needs.
OneStop Shop offers Septic Inspection Services

Septic Inspection

Ensure your septic system's reliability with our thorough septic inspection service in Ontario.

Safeguard water supply with OneStop Shop's professional well inspection service in Ontario

Well Inspection

Safeguard your water supply with our professional well inspection service in Ontario.

OneStop Shop offers WETT Inspection Services

WETT Inspection

Secure your wood-burning appliances with our certified WETT inspection service in Ontario.

OneStop Shop offers Mould Inspection Services

Mould Inspection

Protect your property and health with our precise mold inspection service in Ontario. With our experienced mold inspectors and state-of-the-art equipment, we have the expertise to uncover concealed issues.

OneStop Shop offers Asbestos Inspection Services

Asbestos Testing

Ensure safety with our asbestos testing in Ontario, detecting and managing potential hazards.

Streamlined Inspection Process

Our streamlined inspection process ensures efficiency and accuracy, giving comprehensive results without unnecessary delays.

Time-Saving Convenience for Clients and Agents

By conductiong all the inspections at one appointment we minimize your time spent booking with different companiesby which benefits our clients and their agents.

Detailed Written Reports for
Informed Decisions

We deliver a detailed report with market insights for informed property decisions. We address all queries and concerns to ensure well-studied choices.

Advanced Technology for Thorough Problem Detection

Our advanced technology and expertise enable us to identify nearly all home-related issues, ensuring meticulous inspection.

OneStop Shop provides home inspection services in Burlington, Hamilton, Haldimand, Lincoln, and Niagara.